Oh great.. another doctor blog. Why on earth?

Oh great.. another doctor blog. Why on earth?

I love to research, teach and collaborate with my patients and other health professionals. I may have something useful to add to the conversation.  I love the idea of crowd-sourcing knowledge.  The more folks we get in on the conversation, the more we can learn.

I am a board certified in Family Medicine and am a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine.  I have added training in genetic and methylation from Seeking Health Institute. 

I am interested in getting to root causes of ill-health.  I’ve also made it a mission to keep functional medicine affordable and accessible.  Functional medicine consults are life-saving for many people but they are often expensive.  I’ve set forth a model that allows for low monthly fees for access to the clinic.

I also live on a farm-ish and love life there. I have seven kids and a wife.  Our life is rather unconventional and messy.  We’d love to share bits of that with you too.

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