MTHFR and pregnancy – 3 things you need to know.

At our medical clinic, we love babies!   In our growing practice we have many mommas who are anticipating bringing another blessing into the world.  Many of them are aware of the issues surrounding MTHFR or may even know their own status.  Since they all want to give their sweet kiddos the very best start possible they ask what about what sort of prenatal vitamin they should be on.

Here’s what I tell them:

  1. Methylfolate – Make certain your prenatal vitamin has METHYLFOLATE in it.  We used to encourage folic acid – which did show some benefit in reducing neural tube defects- but we now know that the best form of this B vitamin in almost all cases is methylfolate.  Remember that one of the best sources of naturally occurring folate is dark, green leafy vegetables.  Eat a plateful every day.
  2. Choline – Many women who are pregnant are choline deficient.  Make sure you eating eggs or your prenatal vitamin has choline in it.
  3. Probiotic – A growing body of evidence is showing that a healthy microbiome is beneficial to both mother and baby.



Disclaimer: The information and product suggestions presented here are merely suggestions for you to consider. This information is not a prescription, treatment or diagnosis. Follow the suggestions and use the suggested supplements at your own risk. It is highly recommended that you discuss this information with your physician. Always seek the advice from your healthcare professional.



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