How to responsibly share your medical expertise.

How to responsibly share your medical expertise.

I am an MD. Because of that some people will listen to what I have to say.

I could abuse that position. I should try not to.

How we should make medical recommendations.

  1. Use high quality research. Sites, etc
  2. Tell the audience how certain you are. ex. This is N=1. etc.
  3. Recognize your limitations -” here’s what I know. Here is by bias.”
  4. Be careful – don’t prescribe dangerous things.
  5. Recognize that you have biases and try to compensate for that.
  6. Invite scrutiny – ask “does this sound off”.
  7. Remain humble and be willing to admit when you are wrong and change your position.
  8. Let truth lead to where it may – that’s the beauty of independent scientists.
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