6 things you need to do to save you or a loved one during COVID-19 (since your health department did not).

6 things you need to do to save you or a loved one during COVID-19 (since your health department did not).

(many thanks to Dr Zack Bush for ideas and a concise explanation)

Your Health Department committed a grave injustice. You should demand your tax money back. They are in the business of assessing health threats and making recommendations that can mitigate sickness and death. They missed this one.

There are certainly things we don’t know about COVID – 19. But there are things they have known since the beginning that should have directed the response. They did not act on these. But you can.

What we have known from the beginning – actually as far as 20 years ago- is the way COVID- 19 virus gains entry into the cell. It does it through the ACE2 receptor. This receptor is on the surface of lung, kidney, heart and intestinal cells. The virus binds to this receptor and uses it to get inside to cell. So, the more of these receptors someone has, the more likely this virus is to infect them and cause harm.

Guess what. There are several situations in which ACE2 receptors number are increased (remember that means virus gets in easier). Medications are one cause of in an increase in ACE2 receptors.

ACE-2 is shown to be the entry receptor for SARS-CoV-2: R&D Systems

So, if you are on these you will have more ACE2 receptors and are more likely to get infected and get sick. Guess what else? These are very common medicines. So what are they? And what should be done to stop COVID – 19 deaths?


Here’s what I would do.

  1. Stop ACE inhibitors. This is a very common class of medicine use to lower blood pressure. A very common one is lisinopril (there are many more which usually end in -il). This class of medicines causes an INCREASE in ACE2 receptors. Solution: stop ACE inhibitors for now and switch to another class of blood pressure medicines like calcium channel blockers.
  2. Stop Statin drugs. Again another very common drug prescribed to lower risk of heart attack (it’s efficacy is debatable). It also, like ACE inhibitors, increase ACE2 receptor numbers (more receptors = more deaths, remember).
  3. Stop Angiotensin Receptor Blockers. This is another class of medication used to lower blood pressure. Yep, you guess it. It raises the number of ACE2 receptors. And (say it with me) more receptor equals more infection, cases and death. Stop ARBS and switch to another medication.
  4. Stop flu vaccines. It has been shown that flu vaccines cause in increase in coronavirus sickness susceptibility. This is called pathogenic priming.
  5. Minimize car travel. I know this one is “out there”. Hang with me for a minute. There is a well-known correlation between air pollution, especially air-borne cyanide, and susceptibility to COVID-19 death. The places with more cyanide in the air fare much worse than other. Wuhan and New York are prime examples. It is much more likely that recovery from COVID-19 in China had as much to do with limited traffic and air pollution than any social distancing. So, walk, ride you bike and car pool during sick season. I’ll lend you a jacket.
  6. Check your Vitamin D level. If you’ve not seen the scores of reports, studies and blogs about the importance of adequate Vitamin D levels then well… you need to get out more.

These are the 6 things we should have been talking about since last fall. Had we heard this, instead of spending our time trying to figure out whether to close the border, shake hands or go to church, we most certainly would have saved thousands of lives. If the Health department won’t do it will you?






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