6 things you need to do to save you or a loved one during COVID-19 (since your health department did not).

(many thanks to Dr Zack Bush for ideas and a concise explanation) Your Health Department committed a grave injustice. You should demand your tax money back. They are in the business of assessing health threats and making recommendations that can mitigate sickness and death. They missed this one. There are certainly things we don’t know…

How to responsibly share your medical expertise.

I am an MD. Because of that some people will listen to what I have to say. I could abuse that position. I should try not to. How we should make medical recommendations. Use high quality research. Sites, etc Tell the audience how certain you are. ex. This is N=1. etc. Recognize your limitations -”…

How doctors are fishing for COVID-19 cures.. and why drug companies may not like it.

To say that the internet has changed things is an egregious understatement. It’s changed medicine for the better in many ways that I like – but drug companies won’t. Every day I am asked to read many articles about COVID-19. Most are sensational articles, click-bait or reposts I have already seen so I ignore the…

Is this the Lyme treatment breakthrough we’ve been hoping for?

Over ten years of suffering; being bounced from doctor to doctor; trial after trial of treatment; glimmers of hope followed by crushing disappointment. This is what many who suffer from chronic Lyme disease go through. This was the all-to-familiar story of three patients of Dr Leigner, an experienced Lyme physician – until things dramatically changed….

Could it be Lyme? 4 reasons Lyme is difficult to diagnose and how to know if you may be dealing with it.

You’ve probably heard that Lyme disease is a problem, and it’s getting worse.  And of course,  nothing is simple about this disease. Here are four reasons why getting a diagnosis and beginning effective treatment can be so tricky. To start, the lab tests that are used have a high rate of false negatives (meaning they…


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